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DreamBender is a global network of entrepreneurs and investors.

We identify, analyze and compare business opportunities, and develop business plans to attract venture capital to exploit those opportunities.

With backgrounds in Software development, Psychology, Economics, Business and Engineering we have decades of experience in the Manufacturing and Service sectors from Fashion and Finance to Construction, Telecoms, IT, Automotive and more. Having analyze worked in Asia, Australasia, North and South America, and Eastern and Western Europe the team has the depth of experience to analyze global opportunities.

Team members are located in Europe/ North and South America. The original team formed having worked on various consulting, implementation and operational projects globally. The team meets regularly to assess new venture ideas and progress existing plans.

New members are invited to join DreamBenders from our extensive network of global contacts. New teams as new opportunities arise or new skill sets are required.

DreamBender maintains an equity stake in the businesses we develop and the team stays actively involved in each project in executive or board-level roles.