I strive for optimization in the workplace, both personally and in the procedures I do. I do not like taking shortcuts, and am focused on the end product/service. I am a results-oriented person, and am driven and passionate in what I do. My main objective in life is to have a healthy balance between an engaging career and home life.

I understand the need to burn the midnight oil, and recognize the importance of goals. I will do whatever is necessary to achieve them. I don't accept half solutions or shoddy bodge-jobs. In my world, everything is a system, and the system must be built properly. I love an elegant hack.

Enterprise Systems: Sun [E10K|V|Enterprise] Series Servers, HP SAN arrays, Asterisk VoIP, Cisco VoIP hardware, VMWare ESX/GSX Server, VMWare Infrastructure, Xen Visualization, Blackboard E-Learning software, HP Blade chassis

Server Software: Apache, BIND, Sendmail, Exim, Sun Java Enterprise System, NFS, Samba, Sun Clustering, BMC Patrol, Remedy, SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, Perl scripting, shell scripting (bash, csh), Nagios, IIS, Tomcat, bcfg2, puppet, [Virtual|Web|Cloud]min, WHMCS, Squid, ColdFusion

Operating Systems: Linux (all of them), [Free|Open|Net]BSD, Mac OS X, Windows [Desktop|Server], Solaris, OpenSolaris/Illumos

Languages: ASM, Basic, CSS, Python, Perl, PHP, HTML5, Javascript, Shell, XML

Software: Adobe, Autocad, Blender, Maya, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, OpenOffice.org, Sun Java Desktop, Google Apps, LibreOffice

Networking: Ethernet, TCP/IP Routing, Firewalls, Fibre Channel, iSCSI, ATA-Over-Ethernet, VPNs, IPSEC, Novell Netware, SNMP, Cisco Hardware, Cisco IOS, Citrix Netscaler, Wireless 802.[11|15]

Technologies: Cluster Computing, High Availability, Disaster Recovery

Hardware: Generic PC and Apple Hardware, Sun Microsystems, Structured Cabling, PBX Maintenance, IBM, HP and Dell Servers. Datacentre installation, Tidy rack cabling

Security: Pentesting, Reverse Engineering (Ethical Hacking), Forensic Data Acquisition, Firewall (iptables / ipfw ), Systems Analysis, Design, and Integration

SEO: Google Adwords, Link Building, Social Networking, Keywords, Site Optimization

Social: [Non|Tech] Communications, [Team|Project] Management, Problem Solving, Customer Relations, Multi-tasking

IT Contractor/Consultant


Period: January 1998 - Present
Job type: Freelance
References: On Request

I have worked as a freelance IT contractor and consultant around the world. I perform remote Unix and Windows system administration tasks, security, programming, web, seo, support and other related tasks for various clients on an as-needed basis.

IT Administrator


Period: Sep 2004 - Present
Job type: Contractor/On Call
References: Steven Goff

Global PSD is a design firm that handles all aspects of design and manufacturing. Its products run the gamut from coffee table books to stationary packages, trading cards to haberdashery. Global PSD has been in business for over 25 years, working on accounts from North America to Asia and the Pacific Rim. I currently test for vulnerabilities and mange network security, am the system administrator for both linux and osx servers and do occasional web development and code updates. My duties involve:

  • Deployment of new server hardware and system builds
  • Out-of-hours system maintenance
  • Deploy/Manage ColdFusion servers
  • Independent diagnosis and repair of server problems
  • System monitoring
  • Advising client of security implications and best practices
  • Performing backups
  • Specification and purchasing of new hardware and software
  • Software deployment and implementation
  • Hardware and Software cataloging and tracking
  • Network infrastructure management
  • Pen-testing
  • Perform System Upgrades
  • Maintained file and print services
  • Perform desktop support for office staff
  • Maintain a bulk e-mail system
  • Perform DBA duties including creating, moving, repairing, backing up & restoring databases
  • Specification, purchasing, implementation of video networked security system and network power control

Systems Architect / Network Administrator


Period: May 2009 - May 2010
Job type: Contractor/Consultant
References: N/A

BCCTV a tv & cable network provider. I implemented a advanced caching and fail-over platform for the cable network, trained other technicians and teams in the management and use of the systems. Working with Cisco networking routers, DOCSIS, fiber optics and building custom caching/compression servers there upon increasing the network uptime from 23% to over 98%. Duties involved:

  • Cisco Management ( setup / firewall )
  • Deploy/Manage Caching, Compression, Traffic Shaping
  • Detect/Report Security Breaches in the cable and network
  • Specification and purchasing of new hardware and software
  • Network infrastructure management
  • Technical Support
  • Squid Proxy
  • Training
  • Advising client of security implications and best practices
  • Test for security vulnerabilities

Senior Network/VoIP Engineer

MobileLINK Asia

Period: Oct 2008 - Nov 2012
Job type: Contractor
References: N/A

Utilizing cutting edge technology, voip and gsm networks. MobileLINK Asia is the most innovative phone service for unlimited calling. Duties involved:

  • Design/Deploy/Manage Asterisk PBX systems
  • Brought various IT systems and procedures in line with PCI-DSS compliance requirements
  • Deploy/Manage multiple VPN networks
  • Specified and implemented an SMS alerting gateway
  • Pen-testing
  • Implement firewall best practices

IT Manager / Lead Programmer

Palace Press International / Insight Design

Period: Aug 2003 - Aug 2004
Job type: Full Time
References: On Request

PPI is a one-stop-shop for the discerning publisher or institutional client seeking to produce high-quality printed volumes. Insight Design a division of PPI specializing in Marketing/Development/Design/IT products. Duties involved:

  • Deploy/Manage Microsoft Windows, Apple, Linux & DB [SQL|FileMaker] Servers
  • Design/Program software and web services
  • Deployment of new server hardware and system builds
  • System monitoring
  • Testing/Advising of security implications and best practices
  • Performing backups
  • Specification and purchasing of new hardware and software
  • Software deployment and implementation
  • Hardware and Software cataloging and tracking
  • Network infrastructure management
  • Performed System Upgrades
  • Maintained file and print services
  • Performed desktop support for office staff
  • Maintain E-Mail & bulk e-mail systems
  • Perform DBA duties including creating, moving, backing up & restoring databases
  • Deploy DNS/DHCP/Centralized Authentication infrastructure
  • Deploy/Manage secure NAS

Developer / Web-master

Milkman Grocery Home Delivery

Period: Sep 1999 - Jul 2006
Job type: Full Time/Contractor
References: Doug / Anne Martin

The Milkman Grocery Home Delivery is one of the oldest on-line grocery delivery business. Duties involved:

  • Deploy/Manage Microsoft Windows & SQL Servers
  • Design/Program E-Commerce website & DB to handle over 10k products
  • Java development
  • Fault tolerance & Fail-over implementations

Senior Network Manager


Period: Sep 1996 - Current
Job type: Contractor
References: N/A

DNSAnchor is a server management / managed server company. Duties involved:

  • Deploy/Manage Linux, *unix, Oracle, VMWare, Xen, Microsoft Windows & SQL Servers
  • Design system control panels
  • Design and implement fail-over & network security systems
  • HP XP512 SAN
  • EMC2 SAN
  • Sun Enterprise E10K servers
  • Apache Web Server
  • Squid Proxy
  • Job queue management
  • Write/Implement shell scripts to automate various tasks
  • Pen-testing
  • VPN Deployment
  • SSL Certificate Management and tracking



Period: Sep 1990 - 1991
Job type: Fulltime
References: N/A

Sequoia-Kings Canyon Park Services offers hotels, lodges, and cabins, dining, and shopping to those visiting Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks, and the Giant Sequoia National Forest.. Duties involved:

  • Auditing of the hotel, cabins, restaurant and gift shop
  • Front desk night manager
  • Customer relations and account manager
  • Designed Custom Excel spreed-sheets

College of the Sequoias

Computer Engineering, Programming, GUI Design, 3D Animation, Architectural Design

Apprentice Electrician

Apprenticed with a top US master electrician on various projects

Orosi High School

Class of 1995

amateur electronics, automation, alternative energy, scripting, unix, digital audio, custom cars & motorcycles, sailing, design, reverse engineering, traveling and visiting undiscovered places. I am an avid reader of scientific journals and publications.

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